Paddle ride / Initiation course

At Bolonia Windsurf Center, we offers 1.5 hour paddle rides to the Bolonia dune, for adults and children from 8 years old only on windless days, as an alternative water activity when there is no wind.

Generaly, the weather conditions at Tarifa and Bolonia are more adapted for the practice of windsurfing and wing foiling than stand-up paddle. That's why we suggest that you contact us by whatsapp to check that the weather conditions are are suitable for the stand-up paddle activity.


1 person / 1 hour: 50 euros

2 people / 1.5 hour: 50 euros / person

3 people / 1.5 hour: 50 euros / person

4 people / 2 hours: 50 euros / person

* 1 instructor for 4 people maximum